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  It is impossibble to appreciate the marvel decorativ products without considering the civilizations that have followed on one another on tunisian soil over the centuries , permeating its art and culture.

  Tunisia is a window on to the Mediterranean , the sea that for centuries was its domain and where it wove relations in trade and culture.Tunisia is a land where numerous civilizations have met, it can claim a millenarry history : Berbers , Phonecians , Romans , Vandals , Bizantines , Arabs , Turks , Spanish , and French .

  The main attraction of the Tunisian Museums is un-doubtely their collections of mosaics, examples of residentiel architecture , richely decorated with geometric patterns , elegant rooms and a refined harmony of colours showing decorative influences of various origin .

  These collections cames from an ancient technique originating in italy where it was used to decorate places and cathedrals during the dynasty of the Romans.

  These master pieces wich are unique in the word prove how Tunisia is today the most important depository of this kind of artistic expression .

  The art of Mosaic was collected and perfected by the Romans , who where the first to make the "tesserae".

  Using these tesserae , in the chape of cube , in very shade and colour , real pictures in stone could be created.

  The mosaic very soon became a major art in Rome , considered at the same level as sculpture and painting , and it was the most representative artistic expressions of antiquity.

  New Line Marble gives you the opportunity to benefit from this knowledge and plan a unique projects.




New Line Marble



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