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new line marble
New Line Marble


  The art of ceramics is rooted in the local traditions of the Maghreb countries and know many influences.

  The Pheonicians contributed with new shapes, the Romans specialized in the relief decorated pottery, but the most important contribution came in the Islamic period when many forms, decorations and techniques appeared with the Aghlabide ceramics.

  During the 17th and the 18th century referred to as the Quallalin period, Tunisian ceramists developed the most beautiful ceramic murals coloured in a characteristic array of bright hues.

  This repertoire inspired Our current Tunisian craftsmen to reproduce some samples of our ceramists' magnificient legacy,and to reinterpret some others.






  New Line Marble selected a collection of Hand-painted ceramic tiles wich show decorative influences of various origins: Oriental, Mexican, Andalous, and especially Tunisian .

  New Line Marble selected also a collection of Hand-painted ceramic wall pannels wich show the extraordinary skilll of the craftsmen especially in coloring with contrasting warm and cool shades.

  These ceramic murals reveal the fulfilment of the craftsman and the perfect expression of this art.

  These panels still embellish the walls of ancient buildings and sacred monuments.  



New Line Marble


Céramique Tunisienne




New Line Marble  New Line Marble  New Line Marble  New Line Marble  New Line Marble


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